Maine Coon Kitten Scams. There are probably more main Coon Kittens for sale scam web sites than there are legitimate sites. Scammers steal photos, build a quick web  site, then purchase Google ads. At this point they are off to the races to rip you off. Please be aware of sites that advertise Maine Coon Kittens for sale that are too good to be true. Our kittens are registered with TICA which is the largest and most respected international cat registry of pedigree cats


Our Maine Coon kittens are our pets. We love them and pet them every day. We ask that you Facetime or video conference us so you can get to know us and see firsthand the loving kitten that you will have for years to come. Many times the are more than one kitten available and you will be able to chose the one that fits you the most. We truly want to help you and we also love our kittens. Therefore, we really want o make sure the kittens are going to the right home for them.